What a weekend!  Rodrigo and Evangeline travelled a combined total of 31hrs to get to Boston this weekend to unveil The (upcoming) Demise of Selma the Spoiled book and it was worth every minute.  The response to the book and Rodrigo’s new artwork was overwhelming.  Kids are falling in love with The Beast and the Jingle Man,, and of course, are horrified at Selma’s demise!  Many new SquickerFans were made, so much SquickerLove was shared and we came away on cloud nine!  

Rodrigo wants to thank each of you for being so welcoming and for being so effusive about his artwork in DSS.  He worked so hard, for the past two years, to get every detail just right.  He wanted to honour the original work, while putting his own, classical stamp on it.

We hope all of you who came to visit us in Boston, the first EVER fans to lay their eyes on our new book, are pouring over them today and are aghast and delighted in equal measure.  Welcome to the SquickerShow.  😈

Deb Shapiro