Move over Lorna (though last we heard, you were tangled in gum), there’s a hunk in town. And his name is Andy the Arrogant. With a broad grin and chest to match, Andy is sure to entertain.

In this NEW audiobook set to release on May 27th, Evangeline Lilly reprises her SquickerRoles and takes listeners on a romp of day in the life (and demise) of Andy the Arrogant, and composer Tane Upjohn-Beatson returns to help set the musical tone as his day turns from bad to worse. This new audiobook promises an immersive and haughty experience with a delightful SquickerTwist of an ending.

How will Andy come to his demise? Download The Demise of Andy the Arrogant audio book on March 27th  and find out!

AVAILABLE soon on Audible, iTunes and Amazon! As with The Demise of Lorna the Lazy, this Act 3 of The Squickerwonkers audiobook series is only $3.95 on all platforms!

Nicole Lilly