Our Halloween audiobook release has been announced and, this time, the Squickerwonkers’ most slothful sinner takes center stage! That’s right Lorna the Lazy’s demise is in sight, and, of course, her outrageous tale is sure to delight!

Once again narrated by author and actress Evangeline Lilly and composed by the fabulous Tane Upjohnbeatson of New Zealand, The Demise of Lorna the Lazy will delight with its fully produced sound effects, soundtrack and voices. 

In the spirit of the Halloween season, Lorna’s tale might just be our darkest tale yet! Enter at your own risk and pre-order yours today!

Avail for pre-order exclusively on TODAY and it will automatically download on November 15th.

Coming to iTunes, Amazon and Audible for SALE on November 15th!

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Nicole Lilly