Gosh it feels good to have the wheels on this SquickerWagon moving!  Wahoo!!  We're on a roll!  

Step back Selma (well, the beast gobbled your legs so you can't ) LORNA THE LAZY is about to take center stage!  ...For a minute.  Or ten.  

How will Lorna come to her Demise?  Listen to The Demise of Lorna the Lazy audiobook and find out!  

AVAIL NOW on Audible, iTunes and Amazon! As with The Demise of Selma The Spoiled, this Vol 2 of The Squickerwonkers audiobook series is narrated by Evangeline Lilly and only $3.95 on all platforms!
Ooooo why is knocking-off Squickerwonkers so much fun??!!  We love it!  Get your copy now and let’s get Squickery!

PS - Can you tell that we had originally planned for this to be a Halloween release??

Nicole Lilly