Act 1: The Demise of Selma The Spoiled, Hard Cover Book

Act 1: The Demise of Selma The Spoiled, Hard Cover Book


As The Squickerwonkers Series has developed and found it's home we've been delighted to see it land with both younger and older readers so we decided to age-up its packaging.  This compact 6' 3/8" x 8' 3/16" edition can easily fit in a purse, backpack or under your pillow.

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WARNING! This audio contains: mischief, mayhem, and perhaps a dash of malice...!

In this first volume of The Squickerwonkers Series, The Squickerwonkers - a band of colorful marionettes and stars of the fabulous Squickershow - have welcomed a new cast member into their troupe: Selma the Spoiled of the Rin Run Royals, and she's more SPOILED than ever! Having inherited the wealth and power of Selma's Gramp, The Squickerwonkers are no longer outcasts. They are ready to leave their enchanting and spooky wagon to get out and enjoy their new riches. What trouble will ensue? Enter at your own risk to find out....

©2018 Evangeline Lilly (P)2018 Evangeline Lilly

(This book is currently only available here, exclusively, for our die-hard SquickerFans, for a limited time and in limited quantities.  It has yet to be submitted to critics.  It is for our fans first.  The Demise of Selma The Spoiled will not be available in bookstores nationwide until Spring of 2019, so get your early copy while supplies last!)

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